First Federal Bank of Florida, Bank Of Jackson County


Jackson County, Graceville
5381 Cliff Street 32440, FL

Nearest Banks

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First Federal Bank of Florida

EstablishedJan 1961
Number of domestic offices17

Financial information

Total assets$1,375M
Net income$17M
Net income, quarterly$7M
Total deposits$1,130M
Domestic deposits$1,130M
Equity capital$181M
ROAQ, quarterly1.83%
ROA, pretax1.83%
ROAQ, quarterly, pretax0.72%
ROEQ, quarterly14.6%
UpdatedMar 22, 2018

Terms and Definitions

  • Domestic deposits
    The sum of all domestic deposits, including demand deposits, money market deposits and time deposits.
  • Equity capital
    Total equity capital (includes preferred and common stock, surplus and undivided profits).
  • ROA
    Return on assets, net income after taxes and extraordinary items (annualized) as a percent of average total assets.
  • ROE
    Return on equity, annualized net income as a percent of average equity on a consolidated basis.